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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 5, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm JST

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welco to nhk world "newslin" i'm ge otani intokyo. here's a look at se of the stories we' following ts hour. polic believe a japanese scientist who supvised researchhat was discredited b hisinternational peers has committed suicide. leaders from isrl and hamas have beg a 72-hou ase-fire aim at ending a month of fightin a a graduate sdent is digging inround hiroshima to find recs of the bombing in
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his effo to let the souls of the victims rest ipeace. a p scientist in japanho supervised internaonally discreted research has died police believe yoshiki sas commitd suicide. he w found hanging near the nikeenter for delopment alibi o in kobe ere he was deputy director. sai apologized in apl for thdoubt raised on resech on so-lled stap cells initiay hailed as revolutionary. heversaw the compilati of pers by a riken scientist haru obokata. their work suggestedhe existence of a phenonon known astimulus-triggered acquisitioof pluripotency. ey said the method cld reprram mature animal cells to embryonic-like st cells and that those cellsould be turned intany type of tissue. but scientistslsewhere began to rse questions about t ndings. and riken vestigators said they found fabcation and falsication in the study
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theyriticized sasai for not properly superving his team's work. sasai said hwas deeply ashamed he was not able to spothe problems, but insisted that the existence of stap cell should be considered aational hypothesis worth vifying. assoates say he wte three letters befe he ed. e of them is addressed to obokata. sasai was 52ears old. a riken spokespern says workers the institute are shocked. >>ranslator: sasai had taken ad in researchingn the elds of regerative medicine stem-cells, anneurology. thinkosing his presence will have a big impa. >> he said sasai was deey affected by the stap cell instigation. obokata is also upset about the
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death and ken staffre providing her wi counseling. israeli forces he spent thpast month firing in rgets in the gaza stp. fighters with mas have been firing back th rockets aimed at israeliowns. now an uneasy calm has settled over the regions a 72-hour cease-fire has gon into effe. >> reporr: the israelis and palestiniansad agreed to a number oprevious truces. but ey all broke down. as each side accused thether of violang the agreements. th time egyptian officials brokered the cse-fire. they met icairo with representives of hamas and other lestinian groups. >> translator: ham has informed the eptians that it agrees to 72-hour truce. the iseli occupation force shld withdraw to outsi the border. >> israel will hor the
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cee-fire as agreed to d negotiated through the egyptians. we'll beatching hamas very closel >> reporter: thegreement follows a seven-ho truce that iseli leaders declaredn monday. th said it was to alloaid workers toeliver supplies. they said israeli oops have almost cpleted their main objectiv that's to destroy t network of tnels used by hamas fighters to carrout cross-border attacks. and ey say they will launch more strikes ithe palestinians continue theiolence. the test fighting began in early july. israi forces launched ai strikein response to rocke fire out ogaza. then they expand the operation by sending in groundroops. more than 1800 paltinians have been killed. annearly 10,000 wounde israi officials say theye
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lost more than 60 soldrs as well as the civilians. the announcent of the new truce has not stped the tension from spreading to jerusale a man rammed bulldozer into a bus on a city street. several ople were injured. the man was shot a killed by lice. a police official said hwas palestinian and descbed the attack as an a of terror. a few urs later a gunman st and woundean israeli soldier. >> translator: iaw the soldier standi there. someone came up d shot him twice in the stoma and fled. >> reporter: authoties have not established connection between the o attacks. but reuts reports that a hamas spesperson praised them as heroic and cougeous. it remns to be seen if the new truce will bring cm to the israelis and pestinians.
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chiaki ishikawa,hk world. emergency crews are struggling t rescuehe survivors o an earthquake in southwestern cna. but aftershocks and fe of possible landslideare diupting their efforts. the magnitude 5 quake hit yunnan provie on sunday. at least98 people were killed. more tn 1800 hurt. military personnel and pole fear manmore people may be trapd. they areearching through the rubble suivors have felt freqnt tershocks. some camped out fothe night in tents righoutside their homes. voluntrs have set up theirwn tents to u as a base. they're taki relief supplies to survirs in the hardest-hi areas. the ste-run xinhua news agcy sa landslides have damd up rivers, that's cated 19 of what a known as "quake lak." mo rain is on the way d experts are warng of more landslides a flooding.
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survivors nr the quake's epicter say the delivery of relief supies has bee slow a family in this villageays the qke cause the walls of theirome to cave in. they say ty're now living outdoo with their relatives, 18 peopl in all. theye living in a tenthey made themselves ung materials lled from the rubble >> tnslator: the local government suld be making sure that we're saf >>e says no officials hav come to see the damage firsthan officls with the world of catastropc consequences if an outbrk of ebola is not controlled. they say the numbeof people in west afra who have been kill has ot up by more than 1. 887 peop have died. people in guinea firstaw signs of t virus in february a the sease spread to libea and sierra leone. now authorities in neria have
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coirmed a second persothere has en infected, a patie who flew in from liberia dielast month. the ctor who treated him was al infected. the outbreak is one of theain topics of scussion at the u.s./africa aders summit. government a business delegates from 50frican nations are in washington attendhe. ficials at the world bank e offering help. they autrized up to $200 million in emergencyssistance to guinea,iberia and sierra one. theyay the funds will besed fomedical supplies ando help regional ecomies. corpote executives japan seemo be getting more optimistic about t economic outlook. their companies plan to boost capil investment in fiscal 2014 a the fastest pace in 2 years. the study was conducted by the development bank o japan.
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ofcials say domestic corrate investments are expectedo increase 15.1% fm the pvious year, refcting the country's econom recovery. that would mark thehird consecive yearly increase if the investmen are implemented as planned. capitalpending in the manufacturing stor is expected to climb 18.5%. investmentn the noanufacturing sector areeen to rise .2%. automakers are spendingore to oduce fuel-eicient cars while retailers pn to set up more stor. the survey also shows 27.3% of the manacturers are aocating their investment mon for the mainnance and repr of extingfacilies. theesults showhat companies still remain cautious aut creasing tir existing production pacity. nk oicials say tt wle the uptrd in overseas investment remains unchange comes are getting me posive about capital snding here in pan. the latest earngs rults ny market players have bn
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waitg for are out. toyota motor reported gains both in sales and profits f the april to june arter. toyota officials saihat sales rose more than 2% in yen terms from a year earlier to $62.3 billion. robust u. sales made upor weer demand in the domesc mark. japanese consume bought fewer carsfter t consumption t went up in ril. operatingrofit grew4% t $6.75billion. sas at mcdonald's japan unged in july following a food saty scandal in china. the ft food cha had been ying chicken from a snghai firm which had been -- which has been repord to ha processed expired meat. donald's officials say sales fell 17.4% las month from a yearearlier. this marked the shaest drop sie 2002 when cattle were fod with mad cow diase. the officials not that
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consumers haveecome wried abt eating ccken products llowing reports on the scandal. th company has switched its chicken supplier to thaand but has bn unable to secure all the meat it needs. some stos had tstop oering certainoducts. the sharp drop reflectshe sales only for the first ten days following the food scare. that means the impact will continue to dampen salesor this month awell. investors in asia sold stocks folwing some weak economic data. the latest figes show that china's svice sector gw at th slowest pace in nine year market playe dumped share in china's real este and banking sectors. the shanghai composite fell 0.1%. analysts say early declis on manysian markets ht investor sentimentere in tokyo towar the end of the afternoo session. the nikkeihed 1%, sinking to its lowest leveln a weeknd ha. indonesiantocks wereit by weaker tha expecd gd
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numbs. jar jakarta's benchmark iex ended down 0.2% the country' april t june grow rate was t slowest sie the financial crisis in 08. government officials in jan are wrestling with an issue that's commono couries with big populaons. they want to increasehe output their farms so consumers will re less onimportfood. but their efforts to boost the self-sufficiencyate are failing toake hold. agricultur ministryfficials mease the rat byooking at homany calories people consum they sayor the pt four years, japanese have ten just 39% fm local prode. e offials are aing to increase tha by fiscal 2020 to 50%. they say productn of rice h been rising. again, they credit an incase in demand before the govnment increased the consumption tax. but the say bad weatheraused
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a dline in crops such as ybeans. ofcials have been trying to ramp up production of feed for livestoc they say will help boost consumpon of locally farmed beefnd pork they'ralso aiming to incree harves of soybeans and wheat. japan's food self-sufficicy rate is at the lowest level amongeveloped countries. cana's rate i 25 and the u.s. stands at 127%. both nations ship agricultural products overseas and even smaller countries than japan bot higher food self-sufficicy. germy has a rate of 92%. d the uk, 72%. japanese government officials plan to review theirarget aroundext march. trade officials from japan and the u. are wrangling or me details that could have big implications they're tryin to work out a de on agricultural tariffs to clear the way for free tde pact for the asia-pacic.
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japan's deputy chief negiator spending two days in washingtonith trade presentative wendycutler. they'rerying to work out a deal s they can push ahead wh negotiations over the tranacific partrship. the americans have been pressuri the japaneseo cut tariffon beef and pork. e japanese want t put saguard in place. they sayf theyut the tarif ey should be allowed to restore them temporaly when ports surge. the two sidesre discuing when and how this would happen. some u.s. lawmakers he called on psident barack obam to exude japan fm the tpp talks if the japese don't eliminate the tariffs. this is a ek of rembrance and reflecti here inapan. peoplere marking the end of world war ii9 years ago and taking sto of all that was lost. some will attend ceronies honoring tse who died when
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u.s. war planes dropd atomic bombs on hiroshi and nagasaki. nucleaweapons had never been used ian attack before and have never beeused since. ahd of the memorials on augu h and 9th, "rememberg hiroshima and nasaki" will look a how peoplen these cies are keeping mories and campaigns for a nuclear-free world alive. the skeletonf the building that becamthe atomic bomb dome is a reminder of the ute power of the blast. but smaller relicsan be found all over hiroshima. pieces of bone, shds of glass. a graduate stude believes trieving them will hp the sos rest in peace. nhk wod's fumio kanda has s story. >> reporter: theiver flows by hiroshima peacmemorial park. on sunday you n see a figure crouched on its bank
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rebun kayo idigging into the past. something he has de for more than a decade. 's searching for theemains and the posssions of victims of the atomic bombg. >> reporte the forensic medici student visits the river in beten graduate school classes at hirhima university. he often finds pieceof porcelain and gls. ordinary hsehold items that were shaered in the blast. ka and his family are om okinawa. some of his relaves died during t battle there in 194 their remainhave still not en found. his grandmother ofn told him bones are said tcontain souls. we have toind them and put
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them to re. >>ranslator: i understd the dness of not having ything toemind us of our loveones even if there e no remains or personal items, ifhere are symbolic items, it is bett than nhing. it wilprovide emotional suort. >> reporter: kayo's rk has taken hito ninoshima island, aboufour kilometers from hishima. 10,000 peoe who were hurt in atomic bombing ce here. many died anwere buried in rious locations. the nuer of victims is unknown. but the remains of00 people have been found so far. kayo iworking to find more. during thisearch, he unearthed
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a bone fragment. he took ito the lab and examinedt with anatomy professor takahiro soda. >> tralator: it's hard to y ift's from the right othe le leg, but judging byts size i think is highly likely this is a human bone. >> repter: residents of ninoshimare starting to appreciate kayo's dedicaon to the sear. chdren from a local elentary schoolaid him a visit. >> tnslator: in the past many bos were found about 70 centimets below ground. >> translar: i was surprised to lrn the bomb affectedur island too >> reporter: educars hope kayo's msion and his dedition to it will encoage children to learmore about their story. kayo says ev tiny clues could help the filies of the
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deceas. >> tnslator: i believe dging bones and remains, we can console the wanderg spirits and reect the dignity of sos. and i wa to show that younge generations like us ill rememb all those who lost their lives during the amic bombing. >> reporr: kayo says he will keep searcng to try to bring peace to the dd and those they left bind. fumio kanda, nhk world, hiroshima. two japanese cits, two
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atomic bombings th changed history. tensf thousands of peopldied in an instant inugust 1945. survivors wereeft suffering in the ruins. "newsline" will show y how they've been passingown their experiens and sharing messag out world peace. join us for our special coverage, "rememberi hiroshima and nagasaki" stting monday, august 4th. japanese reseahers have made a brkthroughith something that wa long thoht toave no purpose. they found that a sequence of dn is the key to turning ordinary cel into a kind of stem-cell. and those cel have potential to develop int various types of tissues or orgs. kyoto universityed the team. he's wked for years under his meor yamanaka,ho won a nobel prize two years ago f producing what he named plei
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poe terrible stem lls. but how the genes function afterward haseen a mystery. the researchers foundhey attach to andctivate a part o dna known as herv-h. scientists had alway believed that the dna suence had no purpose. >> transtor: the suence we long condered usess junk dna actually pla a crucial re in proding ips cells. at lea for humans. >> yamanaka ss further studies may lead tthe developmentf a new method f creatg ips cells. >> officials at japan's welfare ministry have shona light on some of the most lnerable members of siety. ey say in the year tt ended in march, weare workers handled a record number cases of child abuse. minist officials say welfare nters opened nearly ,000 cases where they toocustody of
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ildren or looked int situatns in the home. th's up 10% from a year eaier. mistry officials have en the mber of cases increa steadily since thestarted keing track in 1990. th say in the last yeathey respondeto three times the number of cases th did ten years ago. and they say ty see more probms in big cities, including osaka antokyo. searchers say these days parents have less teraction with their neighrs and have few pele to ask for help. tsuneo yamamoto of the jap child and faly research institutcalls on government officials to identy parents who feel anxio and provide themith more support. residents of naples, florida, are bracing for more ra afterwispread flooding monday. our meteorolost jonathan ohs here with the details. >> hello, gene. yes, w had a cold fron that moved through the eastern side of the unitestates. d that sblktedith wha i now tropical storm bter at,
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bringing in that moisture and dumping lge amounts of rain. let meake you to the scen he's a look at the video coming out of naes,florid where recor rainfall hit the area causing widespread flooding monday the city had more than165 miimeters of rainfall in 24 hours. that made it the wettestday, august day specifically,n histor road were flooded causi trfic disruptions. authities are aising home to just stay off the roadsntil th water levels subse. and i wt to show you what's going to b happening as we go forward in the foreca. so there's tha cold onthat is rponsible for bringing that heavy rainfall. bertha, because of its countercckwise flow, is pushing up againsthat bringing all tt moisture into the area. but once this front clearshe area we shod see se improvement. i think we hav to wait unt wednesday befe that actlly takes place. we ao have some rain coming intohe upper midwest. we have arontal system thas goin to be bringing tha moisture anywhere from chicago and als into parts of the
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dakotas. also wt to draw you attention to th western portion of the united states. we do have the desert southwest nsoonal setup. and becse of that hea rainfall taking pce, in fact fo those of you i idah utah, nevada, you need to look out for the psibility ofeeing downpours pping up from me to me. las gas dealing with a heavy amou of rainfall on monday. it lks like is going tbe suy. ain, these thingsop up rely quickly so be prepare for tt type ofeather setup. rain and thunderstorms in denver, chicago, also into d.c. coming up for our tuesday. we're going to take a quick look in the eastern cific. we have t syste to talk about. one of the systems,urricane ezele, a very powerful system, you can tel by thelearly defined eye. th is first moving toward the west and heading toward hawaii. then bind that juli currently a tropil storm, it expected to also become a hurricane. so timing ofhe stem, we're looking toward thursday, fday before ele arriv inhawaii,
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then julio rig behind its we go io friday, turday, nday. en the impacts starto increase. so heavy rainfl expecte as we go towardhe end of this week. have another tropical system to talk abt in the western pacific as we take a look at st asia it is a very slow mover moving toward t north at 15 kimeters per ur. itsetting its sights for stern japan. we are looking out for the possibilityfeeing some heavy rainfallnd strong withins ing to thursdaynd frida for okinawa, into kyushu you doot need more rain in western japan. you've alrdy been saturated with hvy amounts o rainfall this past ekend. with thenteraction of the front ove the area and this moisture coming in you're going be looking at the possibility of seeing some more rain. seoul at 30. 32 in taip. nila you'll be keeling with monsoonal rain. too hot once again. mid-30s comin up for wednesday. we wrap things up with lookt euro. weoave an extended fntal system from thecandinavian
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peninsula into centraleurope. that isushing up ainst warm r ahead of the system. that clash brings hvy amounts of rainfall. we may be dealing with waterspouts and possibleail and strong winds. so be ppared for that. the easrn side of europe dealing with ver hot temperures. hi of 32 degrees iiev for our tuesday. hope you have a good day wherever youare. he's our extended outlk.
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tt's "newsline for this
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hour. i'mene otani in tokyo.
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